Monsoon turns Malwani!

Mumbai monsoon is something to literally die for. Also, it can end up being the reason of one’s unfortunate end! Nevertheless, we were not going to spend the very first monsoon weekend indoors. We decided to pack the whole family on the backseat of the car as we sped across the city.


The lashing droplets!

The lashing droplets!



Blinding torrential rains, shiny flyovers and 100 km/h do not happen every day. After an hour long drive, we reached Malwan Kallwan at Seven Bungalows. A quintessentially Goan restaurant soaked in the flavours of Surmai, Pomfret and Mandili.

The menu offers a plethora of rich soul curries, grilled and roasted fishy delights and mouth-watering combos. Our young at 84 Grandmother simply couldn’t stop admiring the interior filigree designed out of garlic and bamboo. After scrutinizing the menu and playing Tic-Tac-Toe, we ordered Pomfret Combos, Vegetable Combos and Mandili fries.


The delicious Mandili fries!

The delicious Mandili fries!


After what seemed like a mere passage of fifteen minutes, there it was. The platter of deep fried Mandilis. Honestly, we grabbed our share at the speed of light fearing they wouldn’t last long. Within five minutes, they disappeared down our oesophagus. And, before we could even breathe, they served us the combos. The Pomfrets were garnished with the ‘I-know-you-want-to-eat-me!’ look and we obliged our temptations. The combos colloquially known as ‘thalis’ had a bowl of rice, an average sized Pomfret, papads deep fried, a mixed dal, fish curry, soul curry and a mixed vegetable spiced up with sprouts.

The restaurant however doesn’t provide a beautiful scenic view and even though it is spacious, the management has done little to decorate the place. The food was good but one cannot say it was value for money. The quantity killed is less compared to the price. I guess the fish and our blooming inflation have really affected restaurants.


A washed out Hill Road !

A washed out Hill Road !


Anyways, with hilarious conversations, we wrapped up with a fulfilling lunch before we faced some real lashing of rains. Misty, breezy and an extremely poor visibility promised us an adventurous ride.

We raced away to the ever so romantic Bandstand. Throngs of hand-in-hand lovebirds were definitely having the time of their lives. A vanishing skyline and towering clouds – that’s God’s way of painting monochrome portraits. Treating our visual senses, we drove back to Linking Road. L.R. welcomed us with the very first sight of water logging this season. A mad rush of cars with roaring engines sprayed the jaywalkers, mercilessly. Our family dropped us there to head back home while we walked soaking in the mirth and filth, hand in hand. After testing the owner’s patience, we bought ourselves a pair of yellow crocs and a pair of fluorescent green ballerinas.

Well, we controlled our almost irresistible urge of entering Yellow Tree Cafe and headed towards home. But the weekend fun didn’t end there. After dozing and lazying around till 6:30, homemade vegetable chops welcomed us. Still to come is the quintessential monsoon delight for Bengalis – Khichudi for dinner.

The first monsoon weekend has been spent well.  Well to end well, I have to say – Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful. More happy weekends to ahead!


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