Home to ‘hometown’

Before we get to the ‘grilling zone’, let us ramble about ourselves.

I, Black Rose Gal, am a cricket journalist slogging my life away at India’s second-largest cricket portal and I aim to do whatever I want (which includes trying to immortalize myself when I am 27). I enjoy a two day weekend only once or rarely twice every month. (provided God thinks I have earned enough brownie points). I am married to Mumbai. My sister, Shoe-String Photographer is an avid reader, a freelancer with Hindustan Times and a full time wanderer. She is engaged to Bandra (more specifically the area around St. Andrew’s College). I call her the encyclopaedia of the 60s, hippies, the Beatles and the like. She is multi-talented and I am uber-lazy. What binds us together is our undying love for Bombay.

Well, we look forward to document our aimless, unplanned weekends which are memorable in their very own way. Maybe you can try creating yours too.

The day started with us landing at PVR, Juhu to catch the morning show of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, our second experience (yes, we are mushy and we love cheese). As we headed back home for a sumptuous Bengali FISHY lunch, we decided we must avail a power nap to hit the road once again.

After the dreamy siesta, we were out again. This time, we found ourselves admiring the sepia tinted interiors of Hometown Cafe, majestically overlooking the high tides of Juhu beach. Now, you have to understand that ‘shoe-string’ is like Rachel from FRIENDS. She is RICH but always tries to find value for money. Mind you, that doesn’t mean she is a miser. She is anything but a miser.  I am like Monica. Everything has to be perfect. Doesn’t matter how much I have to shell out for that.  The ambiance got the better of me and I found myself behind the lens, more often than I usually am.

Definitely homely

Definitely homely

Situated strategically bang opposite Juhu beach, the view is a visual delight. The gloomy sky, the countless cars and a fleeting mob epitomises the pulse of our city. While, the cafe houses a vintage gramophone while the walls are adorned by classic movie spreads. The place oozes tranquility while the kitchen generously fills up the room with exotic aromas.  Now, let us no longer beat around the bush and jump straight to what matters a lot to us, INDIANS?

The mesmerising view

The mesmerising view

 Yes, it may not be pocket friendly on the final days of any month, but definitely it isn’t an arch rival either. H2O is overpriced beyond imagination.  Ad, it is no Starbucks so you don’t have too many options. They serve only Cappuccino and espresso, if I am not wrong. The iced tea is as refreshing as the view.

The lip-smacking moment

The lip-smacking moment

After a hell lot of selection drama, we zeroed down on ‘Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce’. It was delicious. But, we have tasted better. What is the most defining factor of this place is its enchanting view. A view one will never tire of. The ambience is soothing and I have to say the waiters are very French (in a food way).

The old world charm

The old world charm

Well to say the least, amidst the hustle bustle of our fast city, Hometown Cafe is a romantic welcome change to every dreamer, every lover and every Mumbaikar !


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